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Breeders have reported that pups fed plasma in the first 48 hours show consistent weight gain and are more vigorous than previous litters

“Fading pups” are never a concern with pups boosted with plasma. Because the newborn’s digestive system is not completely operational for the first hours of birth, the molecular immune boosting components of the frozen plasma pass unobstructed into the pups’ circulation providing heightened protection against the common infectious agents in the first weeks of life.

When the bitch has a c-sections, providing plasma for the pups becomes even more important as the quality of the bitch’s first colostrum may be compromised due to post surgical antibiotic therapy.

Instructions for Usage


  • Keep frozen until bitch starts to whelp.
  • Warm plasma to body temperature before administering.
  • Give to each pup orally, several drops at a time, every two (2) hours up to 3 to 5 cc per one (1) pound of body weight over the first twenty-four (24) hours following whelp. I.E, you give by mouth, several drops at a time, every two hours until you have given 3-5 cc per pound of pup over the first 24 hours. Clarification: You do NOT give 3-5 cc all at once.
  • Refrigerate plasma between use.
  • Use any remaining plasma the second twenty-four (24) hours in the manner described above.