An international shipment cannot be something we throw together overnight and should be something planned 8 weeks before the shipment to ensure the best accuracy. ​

We use the best tanks, if for any reason it is stopped at customs your stud’s frozen semen will still be safe upon its destination. We work with a couple veterinarians in select countries who have made it easy to work back and forth. ​

We have routine tanks going to Germany. In many cases, the Germany route can service many other countries in Europe, saving lots of headaches and lots of money. This is one of the fastest international shipments we can arrange. We can find the most cost effective route for your shipment.​

If you are wanting semen shipped to Australia, UK, etc. besides Germany. Please let us know before we collect your stud so we can prepare and ask follow up questions. ​

Every dog must be microchipped before we collect and freeze. Majority of International Shipments do not accept an AKC, or other registry number. ​

Frozen semen shipments will require a AKC DNA, a 3 generation pedigree, and a release of ownership form for all countries. Everyone always wants to know what an average cost on frozen semen international shipping from U.S. It can range on a minimum of $200+ for K9 Diagnostic & Cryogenetics Charges and then lowest shipment cost is between $2000-$2500. ​

We try and coordinate bulk shipments by working with veterinarians around the U.S to help keep the costs lower.

If you are looking to start an international shipment, email: