Scott Barber


Scott Barber has always had a passion for the animals, from the first time he was thrown in the AKC ring with a Saint Bernard, to when he went to his first vet practice and got to intern every day after high school. Since then Scott’s passion has grown, has led him to meet many veterinarians at Utah State University (Pre-Vet Program), Iditarod Dog Sled Race. Over the years it has become Scott’s goal to excel in Canine Reproduction, he notices patterns, tries to make sense of progesterone numbers and even when everyone may have given up hope he will be asking the “WHY?” question and wants that 1 last answer.

He has received veterinary awards during his time at college for drawing blood on over 300 sheep a day, “there’s not a vein he cannot find” he says. Scott also interviewed for Yo Home Sperm Test during the release of his latest project which allowed breeders and veterinarians to collect in remote places and have the flexibility to freeze.​

Scott was recognized as part of the top 10 in Theriogenology Specializing in Cryopreservation on multi-species. Scott was nominated for special recognition in multi-species cryopreservation. We are very happy and thankful to have Scott as our Lead Reproduction Technician.

Scott has Siberian Huskies of his own, he understands the frustrations, the time, the energy that every litter has one you which is why he helps and has built the team at K9 Diagnostic & Cryogenetics to help you along the way to creating that next litter.